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£35 Per Month

WordPress Updates
Plugin Updates
Monthly Cloud Backup
Backup Restorations
Site Security
Uptime and Problem Monitoring
SEO Keyword Monitoring 
Tech Support
Monthly Site Report
Web Development
Web Hosting
Conversion Tracking & Testing

Save 5% if paying annually


£65 Per Month

WordPress Updates
Plugin Updates
Weekly Cloud Backup
Backup Restorations
Site Security
Uptime and Problem Monitoring
SEO Keyword Monitoring 
Tech Support
Monthly Site Report
1 Hour Web Dev
Web Hosting
SSL Certificate + Set up
Conversion Tracking & Testing

Save 10% if paying annually


£99 Per Month

WordPress Updates
Plugin Updates
Daily Cloud Backup
Backup Restorations
Site Security
Uptime and Problem Monitoring
SEO Keyword Monitoring 
Tech Support
Monthly Site Report
2 Hours Web Dev
Web Hosting
SSL Certificate + Set up
Conversion Tracking & Testing

Save 15% if paying annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

Money back guarantee

We offer a 45-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service in any way, no fuss.

 Do you support WordPress Multisite?

Yes but all our packages are dedicated to single domains only.

How do I pay?

We charge by either direct debit, using GoCardless or Paypal Subscription.

How do you handle compatibility problems?

We let you know and then attempt to fix any compatibility issues, if the work is going to take longer than an hour then we’ll consult with you.

 How long will the setup take?

You’ll normally be ready within one working day of you providing us a login.

 Do you offer web hosting?

We provide hosting to clients on our pug package and above, however, if you can afford it we would highly recommend WPEngine for sheer WordPress performance.

Dive Into Our Full Terms and Conditions

Maintenance & Hosting Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to any of our services the client indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We’ll always do our best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations, but it’s important to have things written down so that we both know who should do what and when, and what will happen if something goes wrong. In these terms you won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. We’ve no desire to hide small print or catch people out. What we do want is what’s best for both parties, now and in the future.

What We Need From You

Jellyhound Ltd require full administrative access to the client’s WordPress Install in order to conduct the maintenance service.

What We Provide

Jellyhound Ltd will safely apply core WordPress Updates within 30 days of release, normally sooner.

Jellyhound Ltd will safely apply WordPress Plugin Updates for any free plugins on the client’s website, within 30 days of release, normally sooner.

Jellyhound Ltd will back up the client’s WordPress install, the frequency of which is defined by the client’s current package selection, either monthly, weekly or daily. If hosting with Jellyhound the website will be backed up daily.

Jellyhound Ltd will restore the client’s WordPress install at any time during business hours at no additional cost, this is considered technical support and falls under the technical support SLA unless the client specifies otherwise..

Jellyhound Ltd will scan the client’s WordPress install for malware, daily, Jellyhound Ltd will install, configure and monitor Wordfence firewall, Jellyhound Ltd also check for any issues with the client’s site being blacklisted any online security companies.

Jellyhound Ltd will monitor the client’s site’s uptime and act on any issues as a priority (during business hours Monday – Friday and sometimes outside of these hours)

Jellyhound Ltd will monitor up to 100 keywords of the client’s choice in Google and report findings on a monthly basis.

Jellyhound Ltd will provide advice, free consultation and technical support for both WordPress and hosting.

Each month Jellyhound Ltd produce a detailed report covering all of the above including any updates, dates times and versions.

To ensure minimal downtime, should an issue occur with the client’s website during a core WordPress or Plugin update Jellyhound Ltd run a backup prior to any major updates. Should any problems occur Jellyhound will roll back the updates and notify the client of the problem, Jellyhound Ltd can then tackle any issues utilising the client’s development time or additional development hours with the client’s consent.

Service Level Agreement Targets

Critical fixes / updates to the client’s website: Same Day (during business hours)

Small Non Critical Development Requests: Within 5 working days (during business hours)

Technical support: Unless noted otherwise in a supplementary service level agreement, technical support is provided by Jellyhound Ltd on a first-come, first-served “best effort” basis. Jellyhound Ltd aim to at least acknowledge, if not fully answer, all emails to the advertised support address (help@jellyhound.co.uk) within 4 working hours. Jellyhound Ltd aim to answer the phones during working hours, but under times of high demand or staff sickness, may defer to an answering service where Jellyhound Ltd promise to return all messages as soon as possible.

Additional Terms

Money back guarantee
Jellyhound Ltd offer a 45-day money back guarantee if the client is unhappy with the service in any way, no fuss.

Jellyhound Ltd charge by either direct debit, using GoCardless or Paypal Subscription. If paying annually then Jellyhound Ltd accept Credit card or BACS payment upfront.

Jellyhound Ltd always try to set up within 24 hours but this is dependent upon the complexity of the client’s website and it’s development environment. There is no charge.

If paying annually the client can upgrade at any point and pay the difference in full. If paying monthly the client can upgrade and downgrade between maintenance packages as required on a monthly basis.

The client’s package can be downgraded at any time and Jellyhound Ltd will action this change at the start of the following month. If paying annually the client may be entitled to a pro-rata refund minus any discount received. If paying monthly Jellyhound Ltd will simply update the direct debit accordingly.

Upon receiving notice of cancellation by email or telephone Jellyhound Ltd will cancel the direct debit agreement if paying monthly.

If paying annually Jellyhound Ltd will refund pro-rata minus any discount received for paying annually and, if cancelling within the first 6 months, any incurred domain name costs up to the value of £20.

If hosting with Jellyhound Ltd the client will have 30 days to transfer the website to a different host before account cancellation. If the client requires Jellyhound Ltd to migrate the site to a new hosting account there is a £55 charge to cover work time spent.

Included Web Development Hours
If on a maintenance package that includes development hours, this time can be spent improving or fixing the website. Work is broken down into units of 15 minutes.

If preferred, hours can be saved and they will roll over up to 3 months.

Additional Web Development Requirements
Whilst on any maintenance packages, any development hours required are discounted from £55 an hour to £40, further discounts for large projects can be discussed.

All work is done in-house, never outsourced and is supervised and reviewed by management for quality and feedback.

Domain Names

Jellyhound Ltd will cover the cost of the client’s domain name whilst on any hosting package (up to the value of £20 per annum) however Jellyhound Ltd would normally suggest you keep this under the client’s own control through a third party service.

Jellyhound Ltd allows domain names to be transferred from Jellyhound Ltd free of charge.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting is specifically designed and optimised for WordPress Hosting and unless agreed otherwise, only available on packages that include web development hours.

  • Cloud based, autoscaling, performance web hosting with 100% solid state drives
  • Unlimited disk space with 250,000 file limit
  • 1 free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Mailboxes (Although Jellyhound Ltd would always recommend a dedicated email solution for any business i.e. Google Suite)
  • UK Based for better SEO and website speed

Jellyhound Ltd will not be held liable for any loss of business incurred due to the failure of any of its services. This includes, but is not restricted to, loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect consequential or special loss.

Jellyhound Ltd is not responsible for any use the client makes of their services, neither for any charges that the client incurs with any third party, nor for any software running on the client’s systems.
The client agrees to indemnify Jellyhound Ltd against the effects of any misuse or any claims resulting from that misuse.

When the client’s account is closed, all files (including web pages, etc.) will be deleted within 30 days unless the client has requested that Jellyhound Ltd provide the client with a back-up copy of the client’s web site, or has requested FTP access to download such files. At this time mailboxes will also be deleted and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure all email is downloaded prior to deletion.

To protect the client’s privacy Jellyhound Ltd will never distribute the client’s name or e-mail address to any third parties.

Clients must not participate in any form of unsolicited bulk e-mailing or Spam, or host pornographic/offensive content and/or images on their website.

Jellyhound Ltd must be notified immediately should anyone that has been given such access details cease to be appointed by the client, or if there is any suspicion that such access details are known to anyone not authorised by the client or Jellyhound Ltd.

Jellyhound Ltd does not normally provide an on-site service to set up email or internet access systems. However, where the client requests it, this service will be offered and charged at an hourly rate.
Jellyhound Ltd is not responsible for any loss of mail resulting from the transfer or registration of any domain.

Jellyhound Ltd cannot be held liable for loss of connectivity resulting from breakdown, misconfiguration, or other failure, on equipment not controlled by Jellyhound Ltd, or as a result of any event beyond Jellyhound Ltd’s reasonable control.

Jellyhound Ltd offers an unlimited bandwidth use policy by maintaining large ratios of bandwidth per client. However, Jellyhound Ltd may determine that a client is using server resources to such an extent that the client risks jeopardising server performance and resources for other clients. In any such instance, Jellyhound Ltd reserves the right to (a) suspend the client’s website immediately; or (b) continue to host the client’s website, but require the client to pay an additional fee.

Jellyhound Ltd shall use all reasonable endeavours to respond to the client’s notification of interruptions or other problems and to rectify any problems with reasonable diligence. However, Jellyhound Ltd accepts no responsibility for web server downtime or interruptions to service caused by circumstances beyond Jellyhound Ltd’s control.

If service is suspended or interrupted Jellyhound Ltd shall use all reasonable endeavours to restore service with minimum delay, but will not be liable for any lost, corrupted or destroyed client data as a result of any suspension or interruption.

Jellyhound Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any loss of traffic, data and/or income caused through the client’s website being offline for any reason.

Jellyhound Ltd will not be held responsible for the fraudulent use, unlawful or any other misuse, of any material held on company computers. Unlawful purposes are deemed to include but are not limited to:

Civil and criminal offences of copyright and trademark infringement;
– Transmission or display or posting of indecent, obscene or pornographic material;
– Commission of any criminal offence (including deliberate transmission of computer viruses) under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 or similar legislation in any country;
– Any transmission or display or posting of any material which is defamatory, offensive, or is of an abusive or menacing character;
– Use of the Website in any manner which is a violation or infringement of the rights of any individual, firm or company within the United Kingdom and elsewhere which, for the avoidance of doubt shall include but not be limited to the use of any materials, photographs and/or images without obtaining the prior consent of any relevant third party;
– The use of the Website for purposes generally deemed to be unacceptable, including spamming, hacking, phreaking, password cracking, pirated software, ROMS, emulators, or IP spoofing or providing “links” or “how to” information to such material.

The client will indemnify Jellyhound Ltd against all and any losses and costs that Jellyhound Ltd may incur as a result of any breach of the items listed above.

If the client’s website is used for any unlawful use Jellyhound Ltd may suspend or terminate service immediately and at the same time as suspension or termination occurs, Jellyhound Ltd shall notify the client. Where suspension or termination occurs, Jellyhound Ltd reserves the right to delete all of the client’s files (including web pages and mailboxes) without prior notice

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